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13 interesting stair design ideas for small spaces

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1. This stair case pulls out when it’s needed but tucks back into the wall when it isn’t. This creates more space in the apartment but still makes getting up to the sleeping area easy.


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  1. R Kieran kumar

    01.05.2017 at 23:00


  2. Sarah Tirgary

    04.05.2017 at 08:34

    Please sent me info on pricing. Also I need to know if you do installation. My office is in Queens, NYC

  3. Joanne

    17.09.2017 at 05:48

    Hi, please what is the floor fingerprint of this design? And Can it be expanded taller, to maybe 12 feet tall?

    Are you design and manufacturer?

    Thank you so much

  4. Wong Teng Weng

    23.10.2017 at 22:57

    Hi Sir good morning,where can I give your company product in Singapore

    Thank you & Regards
    Wong T W

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