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26 animal crafts you can make with your kids

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1. Alligator clothespin craft


Bring your kid’s love for alligators to life with an animal clothespin craft that is quick and easy to make.

Green paint
Green pipe cleaner
Green construction paper
Wiggle eyes
Craft glue
Red paint

Paint your clothespin green everywhere except the bottom.
While your clothespin dries, cut 2 pieces from your green pipe cleaner to form the legs and arms, then bend in a V shape and bend again at the ends for feet and hands.
Glue the pipe cleaner legs and arms inside the clothespin — one towards the back and one inside where the clip will open.
Next, cut a strip of construction paper the same width as your clothespin and accordion fold it down the length of the strip.
Now, place 2 dabs of glue on top of the clothespin leaving enough for the alligator’s nose and affix the eyes. You’ll also need to run a line of glue down the alligator’s back and attach the accordion-folded construction paper to form bumps. You may need to lay it on its back until your glue is set.
Finally, use your paintbrush to add a little red tongue just inside the clip’s opening to make your friendly alligator animal craft complete.

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